Corporate Ramayana…!!!!

Sri Priya P Kulkarni
2 min readApr 19, 2020

Imagination of Ramayana in IT field…😎


Ramayana Character: Rama

IT field character:CEO/CTO

  • Calm and Humble person with everyone.
  • He will be a man of his words & protects the army.
  • He shoots up his plans which will be followed by all.

Ramayana Character: Lakshmana

IT field character:On-Call Engineers/IT team

  • They will be online 24/7 i.e..,,didnt sleep for 14 years in ramayana.
  • Stays attentive to focus on any issues any time.

Ramayana Character: Valmiki

IT field character:Business Analyst

  • Prepares System Requirements Document (i.e..,Ramayana was wrote by Valmiki)
  • He knows layout of Ramayana.Here client communicates requirement to BA.

Ramayana Character: Seethe

IT field character:Client

  • Client requires software,so only process starts.
  • In Ramayana,because of Seethe only battle started.

Ramayana Character: Jambavanta

IT field character:QA Lead

  • Gives advice to testers test properly(fight the battle efficiently).
  • Makes sure that nothing goes wrong during the Project Testing(Battle).

Ramayana Character: Hanuma

IT field character: Dev Lead /Architect

  • He makes the design of software(Layout of Lanka)
  • He helps in building the code and plays very critical & diverse roles.
  • He spends time in solving challenges.

Ramayana Character: VanaraSena

IT field character:Developers & Testers

  • The major building block of army.
  • If something happens between Vanarasena🤼, Jambavanta & Hanuma will resolve dispute together.

Ramayana Character: Vibhishana

IT field character: VP

  • He plays a critical role in giving advice.
  • He helps in taking crucial decisions.
  • Without him,the project will not be completed..💁‍♀️

Ramayana Character: Sugreeva

IT field character:Project Manager:

  • Great Leader who manages entire team(Vanara Sena👭👬) skillfully.
  • He helps to build the software without any issues.

These are just my personal thoughts ,not to hurt anyone.Just for fun blogging……🙏

Special thanks to my mother who helped me to understand Ramayana characters.

If you had fun by reading this..share it to your contacts .Let them have fun….!!!!!!!!Thanks for reading this…😎.




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